Chad Pearce

Chad Pearce has is no newcomer to videography. As a kid, armed with his VHS camera, Chad chronicled his skateboarding exploits with his friends. Creating videos became his passion, one that spanned his high school career and pushed him to dive into Full Sail's Film program.

At Full Sail, Chad appreciated the mentor-level teaching philosophy of some of his film classes that gave him solid perspective into the reality of the film industry. The one-on-one discussions with instructors that allowed him to visualize real-world scenarios reaffirmed that this was truly an industry he wanted to be a part of.

When he left Full Sail, he began working in commercial production, but didn't feel the creative and artistic payoff was worth the long hours and daunting tasks. He decided that if he developed his own work schedule, allowing time for him to surf and manage deadlines, he would be happy, relaxed, and motivated throughout the week.

In his post-Full Sail years, he's taken part is a handful of pretty cool projects. During his time with a convention company, he was able to travel around the world and had the opportunity to film in Germany and Austin, Texas. Working with a friend, he shot a country music video on an Alabama beach. As an active member of the indie community scene, he films a lot of artists' live performances. As to what he considers his "coolest" project, Chad feels like he's still working toward it, but is dedicated to working on a lot of rewarding projects along the way.

He loves Florida's fantastic weather and Orlando's budding downtown scene. In fact, downtown Orlando has become a source of inspiration for his personal Instagram account. He's even been on locations where the architecture and layout of apartment communities like Station House have led him to snap a few photos for his Instagram. In the past 8 years, he's watched Orlando grow and believes the city has the potential to become the L.A. of the East Coast.

Whether in the surf or on the set, Chad likes to stay active and seeks to pursue exciting new film projects. Working with iLS network, Chad films virtual visits and apartment walkthroughs that capture the lifestyles and personalities behind local communities. He feels both aspects of apartment communities should be capitalized on the most, and he works diligently to impact perspective renters by painting a clear picture of what each community has to offer.

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