Brian Hall

Brian Hall works as a Product Software Engineer at iLS Network, developing and maintaining the regional apartment listing sites. He originally joined the iLS Network team in a limited technical support capacity. Over time, though, it became obvious that his technical expertise was required to provide further enhancements and features to the iLS Network apartment listing websites. He is now a key player in bringing new ideas and features for iLS Network's regional websites to life.

Brian is impressively self-taught as a software engineer. Out of high school, he enlisted in the Marine Corps, where he served for three years as a Field Radio Operator (a.k.a. "battery operated grunt"). He ended his service with an honorable discharge, albeit prematurely, with an injury that prevented him from serving in full capacity.

Upon leaving the Marine Corps, he began an apprenticeship as a technician for installing screened in swimming pool enclosures. He eventually advanced his way into the design side of screen enclosures where he pioneered the advanced use of 3D Computer Aided Design to bring a higher level of accuracy, efficiency, and visualization to the pre-fabrication process.

Working as a design engineer, he pushed to find ways of fully automating the design process. After attempts with consulting companies that were eventually unsuccessful, he decided to try learning how to code so he could automate smaller parts of the design process himself. He quickly found that software engineering was his calling and passion. Thus, he began the self-learning journey to transition his career into a full-time software engineer. This involved a mixture of mostly online courses, a couple of evening classes, and a lot of volunteering with the local Orlando .NET Users Group thrown in to round out his education.

After several years of hard work and learning, he was able to make that transition. He continued to learn and grow in his passion until he eventually found his way to the iLS Network team. His favorite part of maintaining and enhancing the iLS Network of websites is being able to see the impact he has on students and families seeking housing. It's fulfilling work, and he can't imagine doing anything else. 

Born in Georgia, Brian has spent most of his life in central Florida, where he enjoys the sun and warmth. A true Floridian at heart, anything below 70 degrees is considered cold. He enjoys his life with his wife, Jenn, and two daughters. Their home would not be complete without the addition of their beloved rescue dog named Dancer. While in the Marine Corps, Brian was stationed in Okinawa (the "Hawaii of Japan"), where he learned how to scuba dive recreationally. It is something he enjoys doing to this day (when he's able to find the time). Brian is also obsessed with the game of golf. If he is not in front of a computer or spending time with his family, you'll find him on a golf course somewhere. Really, anytime he can be outside is a good time for him.

Brian's life has never been dull. Fun fact: when he was a kid, he was on a Nickelodeon game show and won a pocket full of cash and a sweet bike.

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