AAGO Lease-A-Palooza 2015

Lease-A-Palooza is the Apartment Association of Greater Orlando's "Can't Miss" event of the year. We stopped by to see if the Paseo at Winter Park team is ready for this rockin' event!

Don't have your tickets yet? Register at aago.org today!

Mark Your Calendar:
10:00 AM- 4:00 PM
Thursday, September 17th
The Bumby Theatre

Video Transcription

Justin: Hi everybody, my name is Justin Frost, and I am with Affinity Waste Solutions. 

Sydney: And I'm Sydney from 407apartments.com. 

Justin: We are here with Bumblebee on behalf of the Apartment Association of Greater Orlando, representing Lease-A-Palooza. 

Sydney: We're here at Paseo at Winter Park Village, a beautiful community, to see if they've got their tickets and are ready to go to Lease-A-Palooza. 

Justin: So let's meet their team inside and see if they have their tickets for our favorite, up-and-coming AAGO event, Lease-A-Palooza!

Sydney: Hey Paseo team! We're here to see if you guys are ready for AAGO's Lease-A-Palooza!


Justin: Well, it looks like they're ready to go.

Mari: Are you guys excited about today's Lease-A-Palooza? 

Paseo team: Yeah!

Meg: What are you guys doing? I know Lease-A-Palooza is not until September 17th. I know you're excited, but we need you to get back to work.

Sydney: Well, it seems like the Paseo team is ready. Lease-A-Palooza is September 17th, at The Bumby Theatre.

Justin: So register today, at AAGO.org. 

Sydney: We'll see you there! 

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