AAGO Minute: "Fair Housing"

In this AAGO Minute, PRG Real Estate Management's own Heather Powell discusses the difference between the Fair Housing terms "reasonable accommodation" and "modification. 

Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Heather Powell, I'm with PRG Real Estate Management and your Fair Housing instructor here at AAGO office. Today we're going to go over the difference of a reasonable accommodation versus a modification.

Reasonable Accommodation

An accommodation is simply going to be a change in policy that you may not otherwise offer your residents. Something such as a resident needing a parking spot close to your home.


A modification is going to be a structural change where the resident may or may not be required to pay for the change, depending on the needs.

Something most common in our apartments we face is residents requesting grab bars. In that case, we most certainly would not be doing the work for the tenant nor would we be paying for it, but it is a modification that we do want to offer tenants.

For more information on this subject and other fair housing matters, please join me for my next class October 29th at the AAGO office.

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