AAGO Minute: "Email Subject Lines"

In this AAGO Minute, Public Affairs and Communications Director for AAGO Amanda Hoang gives us the scoop on the power of a great email subject line.

Video Transcription

Hello, my name is Amanda Hoang, and I'm our Public Affairs and Communications Director here at AAGO, so you probably get a lot of email communications from me. Today our topic is email subject lines. I would argue that the subject line or your email is more important than the actual content of your email, because if you're missing a good subject line, the person receiving it might not even open your email.

So when you're thinking about your emails with your residents or potential residents, you're going to want to make sure that the subject line is something that provokes them to read that email and to open it up.

For example, just recently at AAGO, we sent out an email where the subject line was "Call Me" and it was for our Lease-A-Palooza event in September, and we got a great open rate. About 40% of our folks opened that email, whereas some of our other emails that we send out like the Weekly Update - that's just "What's Next at AAGO" - we might get a 30% open rate on something like that. You can see how you can get a really big difference in your open rate, just by changing your subject line.

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