9 Ways to Increase Green Efforts at Your Apartment Community

recycleWhether the motivation is to "save the planet" or to "save some money," going Green can pay off some pretty cool dividends. Apartment managers, with the captive audience of hundreds of residents, have the unique ability to make a positive impact on the environment while saving their owners and residents some cash. Here are 9 easy ways that apartment managers can encourage their residents to go Green:

  1. Make it easy… put the recycling cans next to the garbage cans
  2. Post small signs that show your own "Green" efforts with an explanation that this conservation helps to "keep your rent down"
  3. Provide Goodwill or Salvation Army boxes, especially during move-out
  4. Switch to digital A/C thermometers
  5. Provide compact florescent bulbs at the front desk as an extra service
  6. Educate – Tell residents WHY
  7. Pick up recycling at door (Valet)
  8. Use social media for education on the topic
  9. Reward compliance with a special certificate or award
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