Olivia Blitchington

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Olivia Blitchington

Originally from a small town near Middleburg, FL, Olivia has been a Florida girl her whole life! She started her career in the cosmetics industry just after high school and loved helping her clients build confidence with just the right look. After working her way up in the cosmetics industry at such a young age, she decided to go back to college to further pursue her career. Olivia was thrilled to be accepted to the University of Florida as a transfer student to get her bachelor's degree in Advertising, with a focus in Business Management.

Required to attend a career fair as an assignment for her one of classes, Olivia stumbled upon the Swamp Rentals booth where she first met the team. The team shared more about Swamp Rentals and she remembered using the website in her college apartment search. Olivia applied for an internship that same semester and fell in love with helping renters find their perfect apartment! After completing the internship program, she was offered a full-time position after graduation and the rest is history. 

Olivia is our Director of Strategic Partnerships at iLS Network. She oversees the Gainesville, Tallahassee, and Tampa (University of South Florida) markets. When asked what keeps her motivated, Olivia reported that she is self-driven to keep up with the flexible schedule of her day-to-day work and loves the ability to set her own goals while helping our customers reach theirs. Looking back to her days working in makeup, she loves being creative to solve problems and help people find confidence – whether that is in their appearance or their apartment living situation. One of Olivia's favorite parts of working for iLS Network is the diversity of the team. She knows that the great dynamic, camaraderie, and teamwork are all unique qualities compared to most companies.

One notable impact Olivia has had on the apartment industry is her involvement with our local apartment associations across the state. Olivia is a board member for the Capital City Apartment Association (CCAA) in Tallahassee and serves on the Advisory Council for the North Central Florida Apartment Association (NCFAA) in Gainesville, where she chairs the Young Professionals Committee with a passion for getting our industry's up and coming YP's involved and keeping them engaged. Olivia is also a Leadership Lyceum graduate, which is the Florida Apartment Association's prestigious program for up-and-coming association leaders.

When Olivia isn't at work, she is cheering on her favorite college football team, grabbing dinner with friends or adding another tie-dye souvenir t-shirt to her collection from a weekend trip. Most people find it surprising, but Olivia is very outdoorsy. From kayaking to camping, she does it all. She has even received her Scuba Certification recently! Olivia currently lives in Gainesville with her fluffy cat Orsino and her English bulldog Oscar, who spends his weekdays trying not to squeak toys while Olivia is in Zoom meetings and spends his weekends exploring Gainesville's best parks and trails with his Mom.

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University of Florida University of Florida Bachelor of Science - Advertising (2018)


North Central Florida Apartment Association North Central Florida Apartment Association Advisory Council
FAA Leadership Lyceum Florida Apartment Association Leadership Lyceum 2020 Graduate