Get Ready T-Town...iLS network Is Coming!

Over a decade ago, iLS network was created to answer a simple question: can we make student housing easy? From our start with Swamp Rentals in Gainesville, FL, to our latest venture at UGA with Apartments For Athens, we've proven that there is a better way for students and leasing managers alike. Our best-in-class technology and ambitious team has allowed iLS network to carve out a niche in the housing industry as the leader in student apartment listing services. 

UA interns

With an ever-growing reach in southeast college towns, iLS network is always looking for the next challenge, the next market that can be empowered by our technology. After months of conducting market research, from phone calls with industry professionals to booking flights around the country, we've set our sights on Tuscaloosa, AL!

After being immersed in the Tuscaloosa community, we discovered that the all-mighty University of Alabama needed an easy, Crimson Tide-friendly housing search for students to find an apartment near campus that fit their lifestyle and budget.

Get ready T-town, we're on our way…

iLS network is creating the only apartment search that will make you say roll tide, roll,!

Our team has worked with designers, alumni, and Tuscaloosa locals to create authentic branding that speaks to the history and excellence of the University of Alabama. After workshopping everything from the name to the logo, we are beyond excited to introduce this brand to the fierce Crimson Tide.

A crucial part of understanding the University of Alabama has been engaging with students. Starting this January, four current UA students will be joining our team as digital marketing interns and resident market experts. Over the next few months, our interns will fill the site with local content, create a comprehensive Bama student guide, and become proficient in Search Engine Optimization. Together we will ensure that Apartments For Legends is a resource that resonates with students, faculty, and fans.

Follow our progress on Instagramfor the latest updates.  

An update from Athens, GA: 

Just last year, iLS network disrupted the UGA student housing market with Since its launch, our team has been hard at work getting communities on the map, engaging with the student body, and creating a lasting brand. With the help of our UGA interns and leasing teams with a little faith, finding an apartment near UGA gets easier every day.  



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