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ILS Network is excited to announce our partnership with the Lubbock Apartment Association (LAA)! The LAA has been managing, an apartment advertising website and magazine for over 25 years. They clearly have had a lot of experience in this area and are no stranger to the apartment marketing industry. Located in Lubbock, Texas, this nonprofit organization is local and dedicated to helping people find their perfect apartment. ILS Network took the association's passion and experience in the apartment industry to give them a new platform to amplify their efforts to match Lubbock locals with apartments in Lubbock that meet their lifestyle and budget.

There are a few major features that our team brought to to revamp the site including landing pages, interactive apartment listings, and easy customer access and login tools. The SEO targeted landing pages highlight local spots, major employers, Lubbock landmarks, schools, and more. They drive qualified traffic users looking for apartments that meet those specific criteria and help people narrow down their search. Additionally, every apartment listing is expansive and interactive on the new site. There is robust detailed information and visuals for each property that gives apartment hunters a true sense of the community before they even visit. Now, potential residents can easily reach out to the properties through the site. It streamlines communication between users and apartment communities. The website is not only helpful for apartment hunters but the Lubbock property association members as well. customers can now login and have 24/7 access to statistics, email logs, call logs, email tracking and more.

Sydney Jamieson, iLS Network Vice President of Operations, highlighted that her "…favorite part of this project is that the Lubbock Apartment Association is a nonprofit organization. This means that all advertising dollars from go back into supporting the Lubbock apartment industry. Each member's advertising investment goes back to support association events, education, and legislative efforts, and ultimately go to advance the Lubbock apartment industry." 

We're excited to highlight some of our favorite parts of the new Robust member listings are prefiltered and sorted out into the landing pages for targeted keywords like student apartments in Lubbock and best apartments in Lubbock. Our awesome team of interns created a helpful resource guide for Texas Tech students to assist them navigating life at school in the TTU Student Guide and ultimately connect with apartments near Texas Tech University. Overall, we are very excited to be working with the Lubbock Apartment Association and their members. We're looking forward to seeing what the future of this partnership holds!

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