Check Out Our Interns’ Latest Projects: Guides for UCF, USF, and FSU

Our Spring 2021 class of interns, all of which are continuing with iLS Network through the summer, spent much of last semester diligently working on content projects for our various student housing markets. The team collaborated to create a UCF Student Guide, USF Student Guide, and FSU Parent Guide. All of our interns are current students at Florida Universities which allowed the guides to be built with current, local knowledge. Each of these are full of excellent resources for incoming or current students, from picking the right apartment for you, to getting along with roommates, and everything in-between. These projects are a continuation of iLS Network's core purpose of helping pair residents with their perfect home and being a leading resource for students in our markets. 


UCF Student Guide 

Our Student Guide for The University of Central Florida aims to help current and prospective students successfully choose an apartment and acclimate to life at UCF. Orlando is a big area, with UCF being one of many major establishments of the area. For this guide the team focused on navigating the transportation system, giving tips for how to take full advantage of the Orlando area and figuring out how to feel at home in your new apartment. In the "Getting to Know the UCF Area" section, we came up with the best study spots on and off campus to give students a way to focus on their academics while still exploring and getting comfortable with the Orlando area. 


USF Student Guide usf bull

The University of South Florida Student Guide was made to help new and current Bulls live comfortably in the Tampa area. The team created an extensive resource that leads students through finding an apartment, getting comfortable in the space, and becoming familiar with the USF lifestyle. In the "Getting to Know The USF Area" section, the team highlights some of the best nature parks and trails near campus and gives 10 ideas for entertaining activities in Tampa. Since Tampa is a vibrant city in its own right, students have the opportunity to take advantage of all that the area has to offer. Students can look to this guide when they need advice on everything from the best time to sign a lease or when they want to get involved on campus.    


FSU Parent Guide 

Going to college is usually a family effort. This guide helps parents and students navigate this transitional period so they can be prepared and successful. Since this guide is directed towards parents, it focuses on choosing the right apartment, making your student feel at home and getting settled into life at Florida State University. This resource even links to the FSU Cost of Living Guide created by the intern team which gives students a comprehensive overview of college expenses while living in Tallahassee. There are several current FSU students on our team, so the information in this guide and in articles like, Parent Weekend Visits, is personal and local. 


Check out our team's work on the University of Florida Cost of Living Guide for more locally informed student content.

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