Meet The Spring 2021 Internship Class

For Spring 2021, we have welcomed 5 new interns to join the iLS Network team! This semester, we're leaning on our class of interns for content projects like the FSU Parent Guide, helping to manage our social media accounts, redoing some of our neighborhood guides, and completing a housing survey of students at Florida State University and The University of Florida.  We're so excited to have them on board and want you all to get to know them as well. So, without further ado, meet the interns:

Meet Anna Dejonge

Meet Anna DeJonge!

Anna DeJonge is currently a senior at Florida State University, double-majoring in Creative Writing and Media Communication Studies. Originally from Holland, Michigan, Anna's decision to head to Florida was one driven by her desire to pursue writing at an eminent school. Anna's passion for writing dates back to the first grade, where she would write funny fiction stories for her teachers and

classmates. She'll never forget watching her teacher laugh at her words and the way her smiles filled Anna with joy. She knew then she wanted to elevate her comforting hobby into a formidable career. As time went on, Anna continued to perfect her literacy abilities, writing for FSU's Honors College Newsletter and Florida State's prestigious lifestyle campus magazine, Strike Magazine. Anna developed an understanding of the practice and intuition that is crucial for becoming a successful writer. She continued to write leisurely, and for different organizations, enhancing her skills with each article. She is now published in literacy and college magazines across the county, with both short fiction and poetry. She considers these publications to be her greatest accomplishments.

Anna's hobbies outside of writing include cooking, reading, traveling, hiking with her dog Monella, and volunteering. Anna is a dedicated member to her community, having over 200 hours of documented community service. Her biggest volunteer project involved working with The Grove Museum in Tallahassee. During this project, Anna collaborated with others to find ways to make the museum more accessible to visitors on the spectrum and those with visual impairments. She wrote and produced an audio tour that would direct visitors around the museum without distraction and without sacrificing the beauty and history of the museum. Her work was published, and she was invited to present at the Florida State Undergraduate Research Conference. Her presentation spurred interest and she was later invited to share her work at a special faculty lunch at FSU. This research embodies the type of person Anna is. She is inspiring to others and innately desires to improve the lives of those in her community. She hopes to continue working on accessibility projects in the future.

Meet Cameron Davis

Meet Cameron Davis!

Cameron "Cami" Davis is a senior at Florida State University, studying Marketing with a minor in Commercial Entrepreneurship. Cameron traveled from out of state to Florida because of a longing to experience a new city and a new environment. She was eager to escape the harsh winters in Baltimore, Maryland, and what better place is there then sunny Florida for that! She was drawn to FSU, not only because of its notable sports teams and zealous school spirit, but also their admirable Business School. Cameron admired the reputation that FSU's business school held and knew a degree from there would open many doors in the future. At FSU, Cameron loves staying as involved as she can. A few of her extracurricular activities include working on the digital team for Strike Magazine, raising money and participating in Dance Marathon, and joining Greek life. She finds staying involved on campus to be very rewarding and a great way to meet new people who embody similar passions. 

Cameron's hobbies include running or hiking trails, being outdoors, exploring new places and restaurants, and traveling. With her friends, she enjoys day trips to the beach to lounge and relax in the sun. Her passion for new experiences often leads her on road trips to new cities. Some of her favorite travel destinations include Nashville, Tennessee, and Savannah, Georgia. Her trips to these cities have been some of her favorite explorations. While there, she utilized every opportunity to learn more about the city and enjoy some of their most famous attractions. In Savannah, she loved to walk down River Street and was drawn to the history that is embedded in the city streets. Cameron also has a love for children, shown by her experience working as a nanny and at FSU Childcare. She loves working with children because of their unfiltered creativity and excitement for life! Also, Cameron completed an internship in Sales over the summer which honed her communication skills and made her realize her passion for collaboration. She is excited about marketing for its creative allowances and the ability to work closely with brands to help them express their personal messages.

Meet Olivia Menezes

Meet Olivia Menezes!

Olivia Menezes began her life in Connecticut, but her time spent in Florida makes her a Florida girl at heart. After moving to Florida a few years ago, Olivia fell in love with the state and all that comes with it.Olivia is now a sophomore at Florida State University, majoring in Advertising with a minor in Psychology. Olivia loves the creative aspects of Advertising paired with studying human behavior and what makes people act. Growing up, Olivia always expressed an interest in Digital Marketing, but it wasn't until her previous internships that her passion was solidified. Prior to her real world experience, Olivia contemplated the idea of becoming a lawyer and pursuing a law degree. However, after her internship she fell in love with Digital marketing because of the way it genuinely connects people with the necessary tools they need to be successful. She has seen first-hand the power of helping others through mass media and strives to make the media a more productive place that assists others every day.

Something unique about Olivia is that she is bi-lingual. Olivia grew up speaking both English and Portuguese because of her parent's Brazilian roots. This led her to want to help those in her community who speak English as a second language. Her goal was to make these individuals feel more comfortable with the language and ultimately close the language barrier that was impacting their lives. At Florida State, Olivia was introduced to DARSA, a club where she's able to tutor elementary children in the Tallahassee public school system in multiple fields of study including English, Science, and History. Her experience with DARSA is one that she is thankful for because it allows her to use her own language skills to help others. She is grateful to get to share her knowledge and work to diminish the language barrier at an early age. When Olivia is not tutoring, you can find her at her sewing machine. Olivia recently taught herself how to sew and now creates her own stylish pieces. From t-shirts to tennis outfits, Olivia loves to use her creativity to make her own clothing.

Meet Caroline Webb

Meet Caroline Webb!

Caroline Webb is a Junior at the University of Florida, studying Advertising with a minor in Business Administration. Caroline started studying journalism, but then decided to shift her skills into the business field. As an already developed writer and storyteller, Caroline wanted to utilize these talents to enhance a marketing-related career. Her excellent written skills and enthusiasm would make her transition into Marketing a smooth one. On top of her studies at UF, Caroline loves to get involved in extracurriculars. One organization that Caroline has enjoyed being a part of is Strike Magazine. Strike Magazine is a student-run publication that covers fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Caroline was assigned to be a writer for the magazine and uses it as a platform to express herself and her creative mind. She appreciates having this outlet to share her thoughts and work. She has been a part of the organization since the second issue so watching the publication grow has been a huge part of her college experience.

Caroline is originally from Virginia and moved to Florida just before starting high school. Her transition from the northern atmosphere to Jacksonville, Florida was anything but easy for her. Caroline found herself missing a lot of the attributes from her previous home and longed for the brisk Northern air. After a few months, Caroline began to adjust to her new town and Jacksonville didn't seem so bad anymore. In her new life here, she loves to spend time outdoors, doing activities such as hiking and kayaking. She also loves being physically active and focuses on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her interest in fitness stems from her years of playing competitive basketball and volleyball. Finally, when she's not outdoors or exercising, Caroline loves to cook and discover new recipes in the kitchen. Caroline is always browsing social media and the internet for new and creative dishes for her to try at home.

Meet Madison Suter

Meet Madison Suter!

Madison "Maddie" Suter is a Sophomore at the University of Florida, studying Marketing with a minor in Mass Communications. Her decision to study both Marketing and Communications lies in her ability to think both analytically and creatively. Madison has future goals of working in digital marketing and utilizing her analytical business mind along with her creativity in this field. Although Madison considers Gainesville home, she is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Madison always knew that she wanted to attend college out-of-state but it wasn't until she toured UF that she decided to make the swamp her home.

Madison joined the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma as a way to quickly connect with others and build lifelong friendships. She found their mission statement, which emphasizes self-growth and mutual support, as a match for what she was looking for. She now lives with three of her sorority sisters and cherishes the friendships that she has formed. Using her Greek-life knowledge, Maddie put together an awesome guide on the benefits of living in University of Florida off-campus housing vs. in a sorority house.

Outside of school and sorority obligations, Madison enjoys staying active and always aims to make working out fun! She loves having a work-out buddy to try out new classes with her. Madison has tried it all! From spin classes, to hip-hop fitness, to yoga classes, she is always looking for new and fun ways to remain active. Another thing Madison likes to do in her free time is experimenting with local food. She is always excited to try out new restaurants in town. Over the past couple years in Gainesville, Madison has been exploring and testing out different restaurants. Some of her overall favorites have been 4th Avenue Food Park and Satchel's. However, neither of these compare to her favorite place to grab a bite to eat, Sublime Tacos.

These talented students are impressing our team daily with their drive, creativity, and quickness to learn. Are you interested in joining our next internship class? Contact us to express your interest and we'll reach out for your resume and to set up a time to chat.

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