Valencia's New Property Manager Degree Program

Orlando's apartment industry is booming, with brand new apartment communities popping up across the Greater Orlando area at an astonishing rate. According to ALN Data, there are 782 apartment communities in Greater Orlando, totaling nearly 200,000 apartment front doors. Where there are apartments, there are job opportunities. For those seeking new roles in Property Management or current industry professionals who are seeking a degree, Valencia's new Property Management Degree program is an incredible opportunity.

Starting this fall, Valencia College in Orlando, FL is now offering a degree in Property Management both online and face-to-face at their Osceola campus. The program is a two-year degree and requires 60 credit hours. 15 of these hours are electives, 15 hours are prerequisites, and the remaining 30 hours are specific to the program. If you were previously a student at Valencia, some credits can be earned through your transcripts.

Who is a Good Fit for the Program?

The Property Manager degree is ideal for individuals currently employed in the apartment industry, or those who are seeking a new career in Property Management. The program could open opportunities for employees who are currently in a Rental Manager or Assistant Manager role at an apartment community and seek to become a Property Manager in the future. Current Property Managers who seek to sharpen their knowledge and move into executive management roles within their companies may also find the program highly beneficial.

Will my CAM Certification Apply to the Degree?

In order to get credit for those classes, you must take the CAM exam. If you have already taken the CAM exam, Valencia will offer up to 15 credits for the certification, but it must be less than three years old for those credits to be honored.

What Do I Need to Apply?

To begin your application, visit their site at and select "apply now." The application priority deadline is 7/28/17 and takes approximately 3-5 business days to process. While filling out your application, be sure to select "A.S. Supervision for Management and Industry" as your major when prompted. As opposed to an Associate in Arts, which is a general studies degree, an Associate in Science prepares you to enter a specialized field in your desired career. In addition to your application, you will need to submit your transcripts. The admissions office requests unopened, official transcripts only, provided by your high school or college. These are needed in order to transfer your credits.

An important requirement for admission to the Property Manager Degree Program is completion of the PERT Test. The PERT Test must be taken to determine your initial placement in reading, English, and mathematics courses. In order to take the exam, you must provide an original and valid government-issued photo identification, such as a Passport, Driver's License, or Green Card. Along with your transcripts and PERT scores, you must provide proof of residency in order to receive in-start tuition. This requires submitting two valid documents proving your Florida residency. Finally, priority deadline is at least five days after your admissions application has been processed and a $35 application fee will need to be submitted.

What Happens After I've Been Accepted?

Congratulations on your acceptance! Once you've been admitted, you will be required to attend a two-part orientation, either online or on campus to meet with advisors and register for classes.

Can I Receive Financial Aid?

Many students seek financial aid when beginning a new program or degree. Therefore, it's important to understand that there are three types of financial aid. There is free money, like grants, which are typically based on financial need and don't have to be paid back. There are loans, which is borrowed money, and will need to be repaid with interest. And finally, there is earned money. Many colleges offer work-study jobs that allow you to earn money while you're in school. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, otherwise known as FAFSA, helps colleges and universities determine the student's eligibility for receiving Financial Aid. Financial Aid is based on several factors including income, household size, number in college, and the cost of tuition.     

With apartment communities rapily popping up across Orlando, it's easy to see why a degree in Property Management will be a beneficial tool in advancing in this booming industry. Valencia's new degree program will be an amazing opportunity to those current professionals in the industry seeking a degree, and those searching for new roles in Property Management.

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