AAGO Minute: Disparate Impact

In this AAGO Minute, Heather Powell, Senior Propery Manager with PRG Real Estate Management, explains what "Disparate Impact" means in terms of Fair Housing.

Video Transcription

Hello, my name is Heather Powell, I am a Senior Property Manager with PRG Real Estate Management and your Fair Housing instructor here at the AAGO office. Today's topic is "Disparate Impact." This is a big player in Fair Housing right now in our industry, and there is a lot of hearsay about what it actually means.

Disparate Impact means that it's adversly affecting your clientele, whether it be a policy or procedure that your company has in place. An example of that would be you only allow people to live in your community that have a full-time job. This can adversly affect a protected class. In this case it could affect someone with familial status, maybe they have a child and have child support, or a disabled veteran who has disability benefits in addition to a part-time job.

For more information on this topic, you can join me for my next class on October 29th in the AAGO office, and this was your AAGO minute.

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