13 Ways to Promote Renewals for Apartment Communities

Are you looking for idead to help promote renewals for your apartment community? Check out this list of 13 apartment renewal tactics.  I can't take credit for the list... it's the result of a brainstorming session with some of Gainesville's best apartment managers.

University House Central Florida offers free high speed Internet both in their computer lab and wireless throughout the property.

  1. Offer less of a rent increase for renewing early
  2. Offer touch up paint or carpet cleaning
  3. Hold a drawing for first month's rent off of renewal lease
  4. Give gift cards – let residents pick from 4 different types
  5. Start early
  6. Give great service – resident appreciation, same day maintenance service
  7. Invite renewals on a bus trip event – fill a bus for a baseball game
  8. Repetition – communicate your renewal message when residents are paying rent, receiving maintenance, or during any other interaction
  9. Personally deliver the renewal paperwork to their door
  10. Place lots of signs all over the property
  11. Figure out why residents are leaving through one-on-one interaction (Exit interview)
  12. Place flyers on all mail boxes (over the key hole so residents have to engage the flyer)
  13. Include high speed internet or other new amenities with the rent


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